2015 750 Motor club Birkett


Breakell Racing attended the 2015 750 Motor club Birkett 6 hour relay race at Silverstone. This time we weren’t competing but we were there supporting Bailey Brothers racing who were there to defend their race wins from the past two previous years.

Our team name for the day was “Third Time Lucky” and consisted of Radical racers Aaron and Lee Bailey (Radical SR3), Brian Murphy (Radical SR3), John Macleod (Radical SR3), and Doug Carter (Radical PR6).

The race got off to a very wet start with Aaron taking the first stint. One the first lap we were second behind rival team Inspires. Over the next hour the weather got worse with heavy rain and loads of standing water. Aaron was caught out and aquaplaned off the track.

Doug Carter was next up and raced out the pits to try and make up the lost time. Doug had his work cut out for him as we were down to sixth overall with the lost time.

An hour later and it was Brian Murphy’s turn to claw back the places.

By 3 hours in we were back on the top spot and running first overall.

Brian came in and John Macleod went out to do his stint with the weather not improving. John drove a good stint and as he came back in for Lee Bailey to take over the safety car came out due to a 4 car pileup and stayed out for most of Lee’s stint.

The safety car came in after around half an hour and Lee did his best to maintain the gap from the Inspires.

It came down to the last hour with Brian Murphy going out again and doing another superb stint to take the finish. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to fend off the charge from team Inspires who took the win. We came in 2nd overall 20 seconds behind the leader.

It was a truly amazing day and an epic race. The drivers did their best in horrendous conditions and the mechanics and supporters where kept busy and on the edge of their seats with the excitement.

It was an epic effort by all.

Roll on next year for more racing.