2015 VLN Racing - Breakell Racing at the Nurburgring

Breakell Racing has made two trips to the Nurburgring so far this year to compete in the legendary VLN championship.


Our first race of the year in the VLN was back in May where James drove a BMW Z4M for Team Wikispeed. James shared the driving with 2 other team mates Christoph Hewer, and Johan Sandburg.

“The Z4 was a lovely car to drive, well balanced and powerful. It was an amazing experience to drive in the VLN with this car. The team were great and worked really hard to make sure we stayed on track and in the race” James Breakell



Our latest trip to the Nurburgring was to compete in the VLN 7 6 hour race (05/09/15)

James was driving an Opel OPC Cup car for team WS-Racing.eu.

 James shared the driving in the race with 3 other co drivers Uwe Stein, Tatjana Hanser, and Fritz Rabensteiner.

As is typical for the Eifel district the weather on race day was very changeable.

After a damp qualifying session in the morning the Start of the race was wet. Team WS-Racing car started in the second group with Fritz driving the first stint with the strategy to drive consistent laps and keep the car going through the rain.

90 minutes in and it was time for number two drive Tatjana to takeover for the second driving stint. Tatjana proceeded to driver quicker and quicker as the track dried out.

Another 90 minutes later it was James’ turn to drive. The track was now dry and James set to work setting consistent fast laps to maintain the team’s position in the race.

“It was difficult to get a consistent lap in due to all the double yellow flagged areas and faster GT3 cars coming charging through, but we did our best.” James Breakell

Finally it was Uwe’s turn to take over and bring the car home for a finish. Uwe went out and settled into a good consistent rhythm all the way to the end of the race.

“It was a good effort and a magnificent feeling to finish the 6 hour race at the Nurburgring. The little Opel ran smoothly throughout the race and was a pleasure to drive. Team WS-Racing did a fantastic job and it was a pleasure to drive for them.” James Breakell